Making IoT Simple (in Dallas)

Welcome to our blog! We’re getting close to launching our first Esquilo IoT solution (more on that a little later), but first, we had an exciting trip to Dallas to share what we’re doing with fellow hackers like you at the hardware weekend in mid-April with our friends at Freescale, and Tech Wildcatters, who were kind enough to host the event.

We were really encouraged by the well wishes and enthusiasm from everyone there and excited to see several teams use our board with two teams in particular quickly putting the Esquilo to use.

Photo 1 from BigD

Dallas-area high school student, Andrea, putting Esquilo’s hardware through its paces with our built-in 3D Demo app

Coming from Houston, Bethany and Javier came to the hackster event looking for a platform to use in their science classes to control a balloon-mounted camera. By using Esquilo’s embedded IDE and built-in WiFi, they were quickly able to build a gimbal with x and y-control using two servos connected to the Esquilo board. Once they’d built the basic support for moving the camera with a joystick, they were then able to build a web app to control the gimbal using Esquilo’s remote procedure call (ERPC) interface with about a dozen lines of JavaScript code. They were excited and so are we!

Photo 2 from BigD

You can see their project file here.

We had another first-time Esquilo user do a nifty project that used Esquilo, a Freescale IMU shield, and a SparkFun weather shield along with other components to make a web dashboard that can also alert users through text or email via Twilio when certain motion and/or weather events occur. You can read more about this project here.

We had a great time in Dallas and we’re looking forward to seeing you at our next hackster event. Be sure to sign up on our home page to keep up with what’s new at Esquilo. We’ll be launching our first project on Kickstarter soon and we can’t wait to see what you make.