We’re Funded – but we’re not done with our Kickstarter campaign

Wow! We hit our $10,000 fundraising goal in just over a day, and that has us fired up to try for some stretch goals. We’re really happy to have your support, and you’ve inspired us to push even harder. Thanks!

For our stretch goals, if we hit $25,000, we’re going to add an MQTT client with our easy-to-use Squirrel interface that will also support MQTT over SSL/TLS. This will make short work of integrating Esquilo into an MQTT network and having it communicate with your other IoT devices. If we get to $50K, we’ll include a MicroSD card with every reward we ship so you can store programs, data, or web content using Esquilo’s MicroSD slot.

For the big stretches, if you help us get to $75K, we’ll add Esquilo Nest cloud drive functionality and integrate it into the Esquilo operating system. Then you’ll be able to read and write files stored in the cloud drive from your Squirrel programs, run Squirrel programs in the cloud from the Esquilo IDE, and even share files between your Esquilos! If we make it to $100K, you’re going to get the Esquilo ProtoShell with every reward. And if the reward you chose already includes a ProtoShell, we’ll add another. Then you can put that Esquilo to work prototyping and have that flexible area to use if you’re building and integrating extra hardware.

We appreciate your support and help so far, and we’re working hard to deliver the best possible experience to you. We really need your help now to make these stretch goals a reality. Help us by spreading the word. We’re excited to see what you’re going to build. If you’ve got an idea you want to share, drop me a line or comment below.


one last thing: we’ll be at the Austin Mini Maker faire this coming weekend, May 16th & 17th. Drop by and say hello. Our booth is right across from our friends at Freescale. We’ll have some demos and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.